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January in Kiev, in the Ukraine?? No problem said Snr, so Jnr flew off to temperatures of -6, and lots of snow!! February found both of us in Kiev working as part of a team fitting the AV facilities of a large, new office in the north of the city. There was plenty of snow still, and temperatures stayed below zero, but the Borsch (beetroot stew) and lots of Ukrainian & Russian vodka kept us going!!
There were a few late nights, but the job was completed, and the office 'went live' on schedule. It was a bit close though, with the last day being very long. There was no chance of a break however, as the very next day we were flying off to the next venue, Netanya in Israel. Read more below...!!
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After spending nearly three weeks in the freezing temperatures of Kiev, it was a stunning change to arrive in Netanya, a Mediterranean coastal town a few miles north of Tel Aviv. We swapped our heavy coats for shorts, and set out get the job finished as soon as we could so we could enjoy the sun. We didn't, however, account for Israeli customs, who held up all the kit we were due to be installing, so we spent a few days kicking our heels and waiting for things to arrive. After a couple of days break back in the UK, the equipment finally arrived, and there was a lot of effort by the site team to get everything installed by the go live date. With a lot of effort, late nights, and a little swearing, the job was done. The office went live on the scheduled date, much to the relief of all concerned.
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May found us packing our bags again! Destination this time - Washington DC. The job this time was to fit a range of screens and PC's into an exhibition stand for the Saudi Job Fair being held at the Gaylord Convention center. We were to travel to the offices of the company building the stand, and work alongside their people, then go with the stand to the convention center and do the final setups. We had planned for a few days off between the build and setup, but we didn't take into account US Customs! Our first three days were spent sitting on a half finished stand waiting for the equipment to be released. We finally got the kit on day four, and a hectic three days followed. The stand was finished, transported and set up with time to spare! Only downside for us was that we didn't get our planned free time (but we did manage to do a little sightseeing)
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Karlstad in Sweden to be precise, a small town locate beside a lake about half way between Stockholm and Gothenburg. This is the location of the famous Varmlands Museum that is playing host to the '1001 Inventions' exhibition, the ehibition's first appearance in Europe.
The location this time is not in a tent, but within the museum building itself. The setup on this occasion was planned to be completed several days before the official opening, but even so, there were a few exhibits that decided to make themselves a problem. As the install team was hugely supported by the museum staff, all the (minor) problems were sorted in plenty of time.
The exhibition was opened on schedule by HRH Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, and a video of the opening can be seen on the Varmlands Museum website. See our links page for a link.
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